Tuesday, 15 October 2013


So midi rings have been quite a fashion must for me lately. Besides ear cuffs!! You can find them now in many stores but the thing with midi rings is that I tend to lose them. Now don't get me wrong I always take care of my stuff and try not to lose them. But these little bastards can fly off your finger so easily and you don't even notice it. Right?!

Nevertheless I decided to try to make them on my own. First I checked on Google and YouTube and found some inspo for DIY midi rings. I went shopping and bought this gilded wire. It's 10 meters long and it costed around 3 euros...so pretty cheap considering the amount of rings you can make out of it.

I helped myself with pliers and started creating these babies. ;) I was quite satisfied with the end result so I didn't stop there. I also made some 'normal' rings for each of my finger. I made them simple because I didn't want them to stand out too much + I can wear them everyday. They are surprisingly comfy and I don't need to worry if I lose them. If it happens eventually ...well I'll just make new ones. Yippi :D



Monday, 7 October 2013


Hey guys! In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I was finishing some of my bracelets that I've been working on. So here are the pictures. The little wallet with Union Jack is on pictures because it was actually made out of one just like it. :) 

When I was in London few years ago my sister and I bought these cute little wallets for coins. My sister gave me hers and I made this cute bracelet out of it. I must say it took me such a long time to make it. The beads are so freakishly small and they usually didn't go through the needle...aaaaaa... So it took me a lot of time and patience. But I think it came out quite nice. Rings are from H&M. 



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Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I saw these sneaker wedges other day on Deichmann's website. So I had to go to the store and try them on. I liked them immediately and I bought them. They are very comfortable and most importantly WARM. So I can wear them even when it gets really cold. 

I have to say I was a huge fan of wedge shoes even before they became popular. So when the wedges trend finally started I was so excited. I have many different wedges but until now I didn't fancy sneaker wedges. I thought they are a bit bulky and not really sexy. They reminded me of Ugg boots in some way. Not sure why. :) But I changed my mind now and I have to say these ones are pretty cool and good for everyday casual outfit. I also bought some leather pads to put them inside the shoes because I am not sure how the feet will feel when you wear them all day. Hope you guys like them. 




Hey guys, October has arrived! Fall is here with all the brightful colors and new inspirations. It's also a Halloween month. :) Plus it's also a month when I finally embrace that summer is far away and that there will be cold, rain and snow in next 6 months. But it's all good. ;)

Recently I have been making some finishing touches on my bracelets I've been working on. In next days I will take some good pictures of them and show you later on. So stay tuned. Oh and also I bought a new pair of shoes that I love so much. I will post photos of them tomorrow. Until then here is a really chill back song from Lykke Li and David Lynch.