Friday, 15 November 2013


Hey guys! This time I want to show you my DIY printed sweater. I made this print which I really like and I want to share it with you. So check out my new sweater.

Sweaters and beanies with this print caught my attention couple of times. I decided to check it out and found out they have so many of these in different colors. 

So let me explain what I did.

Things you will need:

- sweater (preferably cotton one; I used a black sweater)
- the paper print with logo 
- color for fabrics (I bought white one which costed 3 euros and you can get in any craft shop)
- brush
- scotch tape
- scissors (really small ones will do better...see the picture)
- old cloth
- iron

Step 1

Take an old sweater or buy a new one which should look as simple as possible. I bought mine for 10 euros in a store where they mostly sell groceries. Lol. But I saw this black sweater which was of a good quality (Fruit of the Loom) and was pretty cheap (10 euros). Bargain. Love it.

Step 2

The most important thing is the print. I printed the logo out on my computer and then started to cut out the letters. This part is a bit tricky and it will take some patience and precision. Try using the smallest and tiniest scissors you can find. Try to stick with lines as much as possible. A good advice I would give here is that I didn't cut out the whole letter, but I left a little bit of paper, so that letter doesn't fall out from the print (the letter stays connected with a little bridge).

This is how my looked after I finished cutting and painting.

Step 3

Once you have done this you tape the print on the sweater (with scotch tape). I positioned mine on the upper part of sweater. Be careful it is on the center of sweater. Use a ruler to measure where to tape the print exactly.

Step 4

Now it comes the good part. Take a brush and simply start applying the color. I used one of tiniest brushes because it made the whole process much easier. When you finish with all the letters you can take off the paper print. Now you should go over a couple more times with brush. Depends on your brush and desired intensity of color. I went over mine like 4 times :)

Step 5

When you get the desired intensity of color, let it dry for some minutes. Then take some old cloth you don't need and place it over your newly made print. Take an iron and go over the cloth for about 10 minutes. Check what does your color bottle say. But I think 10 minutes should do it. When you are done with ironing take off the cloth...and viola your sweater is done. Yay :D The color I was using is quite good and it doesn't go off with washing at all.

So I hope you guys try this DIY. It's really fun and you will love the end result. I will style this bad boy in one of my future posts so stay tuned. If you decide to do this diy let me know how it went. :)

Thanks for reading.