Monday, 26 May 2014


Hello world!

Yes you read it right! Today I wanna show you my DIY - friendship bracelet watch. If you like the idea I suggest you to try make one on your own. It gives your old watch a totally new look. Take any hand watch you have at home and start knitting!

Here are some hints that will maybe help you:

- Number of strings you use (I used 16 strings). Depends on the size of your watch. You don't want to have too may of them or too little. 
- If you have done friendship bracelets before you will need to make strings a little bit longer for a watch. I cut my strings around 120 cm long. 
- I chose this pattern: Check out this website for other patterns. They have thousand and thousand different patterns. Also if you are new to this stuff you have tutorials and how-to instructions. 

Have fun with it and enjoy!

You can give me your thoughts on my DIY below in comments. Love to read them. :)



Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Hello guys! Here is a little purple update from me. I did this manicure yesterday and managed not to ruin it. Success! Purple is not really my color but I quite like this combo. Lately I am excited about this kind of manicure with two different nail polish colors. I also added some glitter polish on my thumb and ring finger.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Kristi <3

Friday, 7 February 2014


Hey guys! As I promised here are the photos of my DIY sweater print. Hope you like the pics! Now I have to hurry to make myself a meal and then some relaxing TV watching. Ellen show will be right on at my lunch time. :) Have a nice weekend everybody!

<3 and peace


Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hello dear readers! Today I wanna show you my DIY sweater print. There is tons of snow here in my city and everywhere you look outside you can only see white snow and ice. Therefore I decided to show you my white colour sweater! I bought it quite some time ago in H&M and I wanted to change it a little bit. 

I suggest you, if you have a sweater in your closet that you got tired of wearing or it looks a bit boring, to try this DIY. It can make your sweater look more interesting and fun to wear again. I used my black colour for textiles and coloured the sweater's neckline. I also decided to do something with the sleeves. So I painted two stripes on each sleeve. I got this idea from...well lets face it you can see this stripes everywhere on this seasons sweaters. ;) It goes without saying that you should use a ruler to get the equal sized stripes on both sleeves. And that is basically all you need for this DIY. Quite easy right?!

I hope you like it. Also stay tuned because tomorrow I will post outfit pictures with this sweater.

Happy Wednesday everyone!



Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hello people! I must say it is snowing like crazy here in Slovenia. I guess since we didn't have a proper winter until now this last week the weather is trying too hard to redeem itself. Really too hard! In that fashion I decided to show you some of my favourite beanies I've been wearing lately and a little DIY I did. For me beanies became a must for colder days. I think they make a whole outfit a little bit more fun and edgier. Not to mention those bad hair days when they really come in handy. :)

Often I have noticed these OBEY beanies online. Since I already had a red beanie in my closet (and it wasn't my favourite) I decided to do a little DIY. I simply printed out the OBEY logo in italics. I cut out the letters and taped the whole thing on a beanie. Than I used my white colour for textiles and filled the letters. Now I had to use quite a lot of colour because the beanie is made out of polyester (or some similar material). So it basically sucked the colour quickly. But the end result wasn't so bad. Now I really like to wear it. Hope you like it and that you got some inspiration for your own beanies.

Thanks for reading,

Kristi xx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hello people! In today's post I wanna show you my winter coat I've been wearing more or less. I say more or less because there hasn't been a proper winter until now. They say that last 30 days were the warmest for this time of the year in last 100 years. Daily temperature was around 10 degrees higher than usual average. Yep yep as I said...crazy. But in the last days it finally got colder and even snow was falling for the first time. Yay. :)

I bought this coat in Gina Tricot couple months ago. The moment I saw it online I fell in love with it. I like that it has this golden details on it and also it has that man style blazer/military feel to it. Most importantly it is warm and easy to wear. I also spotted this coat on Caroline Blomst which is one of my first bloggers I started following years ago and I really adore.

So brace yourself the winter is finally coming to this part of Europe.

Ciao <3


Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hey guys! There is something about the see through accessories that I really really like. I bought these 2 bracelets (picture above) in Tally Weijl. Now I don't usually go there often and they seem to have cool stuff but it's just one of those stores where music is soo freakin loud. Seriously why is it so loud?!! It just makes me anxious and gives me a desire to leave asap. Well they do have cool jewellery and I always check it out especially when it's sales season. This time it was worth it because I got these two pretty ones. :) 

hope you like it,