Sunday, 19 January 2014


Hey everybody! Few days ago I saw an article in daily newspaper about this new Polaroid camera that will debute this year.It's called Polaroid Socialmatic. The whole idea of this puppy is a combination of a Polaroid camera (for me as a kid that was the coolest thing ever) and Instagram. Sounds pretty awesome right?!

They say that the launch of this camera will begin in first quarter of 2014. Yay, can't wait! Here are some specs I found (

- 13 photo filters
- 14 MP
- frontal and rear camera
- Android OS
- available in white or black 
- touchscreen
- posting and sharing on social networks
- and many more...

Here is also a short video you can check it out:

To me it sounds pretty cool and they say that the price should be around 250 euros. I was thinking of buying new phone because my camera is not that good. So maybe instead I will buy this camera. :) All you Instagram lovers out there let me know what do you think about this new camera?

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