Monday, 26 May 2014


Hello world!

Yes you read it right! Today I wanna show you my DIY - friendship bracelet watch. If you like the idea I suggest you to try make one on your own. It gives your old watch a totally new look. Take any hand watch you have at home and start knitting!

Here are some hints that will maybe help you:

- Number of strings you use (I used 16 strings). Depends on the size of your watch. You don't want to have too may of them or too little. 
- If you have done friendship bracelets before you will need to make strings a little bit longer for a watch. I cut my strings around 120 cm long. 
- I chose this pattern: Check out this website for other patterns. They have thousand and thousand different patterns. Also if you are new to this stuff you have tutorials and how-to instructions. 

Have fun with it and enjoy!

You can give me your thoughts on my DIY below in comments. Love to read them. :)



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