Thursday, 26 September 2013


When I first saw The Mindy Project trailer on TV it didn’t impress me. Actually first thing that I thought was…oh another doctor, hospital, anatomy, love triangles...thing serie. To be honest I judged it even before I even saw an episode. Plus the music in trailer was annoying. It could be because it was on a tv channel that doesn’t have really good shows to offer and the fact they usually air shows that don’t even reach second season of filming. But somehow I watched one episode and kinda liked it.

The episode where Mindy causes a prison riot
her hair gets chopped off…hillarious :D

When I saw another episode I fell in love. Then ofc I watched the whole season in like 5 days and now I am obssesed. With each episode it gets better and some scenes make me laugh over and over again. There are so many things that make this show great and different from others. Don’t get me started about Chris Messina cuz I adore this actor a long time now. And Mindy...oh well she's amazing. Here is the scene with chocolate fountain:

OK gotta go now and make some food. For sure I'll watch an episode of Mindy during my lunch (thank god for 'Watch later' option on my TV).



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