Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hello people! I must say it is snowing like crazy here in Slovenia. I guess since we didn't have a proper winter until now this last week the weather is trying too hard to redeem itself. Really too hard! In that fashion I decided to show you some of my favourite beanies I've been wearing lately and a little DIY I did. For me beanies became a must for colder days. I think they make a whole outfit a little bit more fun and edgier. Not to mention those bad hair days when they really come in handy. :)

Often I have noticed these OBEY beanies online. Since I already had a red beanie in my closet (and it wasn't my favourite) I decided to do a little DIY. I simply printed out the OBEY logo in italics. I cut out the letters and taped the whole thing on a beanie. Than I used my white colour for textiles and filled the letters. Now I had to use quite a lot of colour because the beanie is made out of polyester (or some similar material). So it basically sucked the colour quickly. But the end result wasn't so bad. Now I really like to wear it. Hope you like it and that you got some inspiration for your own beanies.

Thanks for reading,

Kristi xx


  1. such a good idea! I love beanies as well X

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    1. Thanks Alison! You made my day. I checked your blog and I think it's lovely. You have a new follower.