Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hello dear readers! Today I wanna show you my DIY sweater print. There is tons of snow here in my city and everywhere you look outside you can only see white snow and ice. Therefore I decided to show you my white colour sweater! I bought it quite some time ago in H&M and I wanted to change it a little bit. 

I suggest you, if you have a sweater in your closet that you got tired of wearing or it looks a bit boring, to try this DIY. It can make your sweater look more interesting and fun to wear again. I used my black colour for textiles and coloured the sweater's neckline. I also decided to do something with the sleeves. So I painted two stripes on each sleeve. I got this idea from...well lets face it you can see this stripes everywhere on this seasons sweaters. ;) It goes without saying that you should use a ruler to get the equal sized stripes on both sleeves. And that is basically all you need for this DIY. Quite easy right?!

I hope you like it. Also stay tuned because tomorrow I will post outfit pictures with this sweater.

Happy Wednesday everyone!




  1. that's very clever and looks so good! much cheaper than buying a new jumper too! x

  2. This looks great! xx

    I also nominated you for the liebster award! Check out my blog for details. Goodluck! :)

  3. Hey Clarissa!

    Thanks and thank you so much for the nomination! You're sweet. Will definitely answer the questions and let you know.